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Lightforce Dual Voltmeter with 3.0 amp USB Fast charge

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Lightforce Dual Voltmeter with 3.0 AMP USB Fast Charger
Designed to take the stress out of monitoring your main battery and your auxiliary battery, this Voltmeter from Lightforce takes the hassle out of wondering whether your batteries will go the distance. You can keep an eye on voltage levels and monitor your alternator charge rate while on the road and catch any dual battery isolator faults before they cause an issue.
The voltmeter has a 3.0 Amp USB Fast Charge port that is connected to your auxiliary battery for charging essential digital devices while driving or when the vehicle isn’t in use. This USB 3.0 outlet is capable of charging high powered smartphones, tablets and GPS devices.
Feature and Benefits
* The top LEDs display the Main Battery voltage or an ACC input
* The lower LEDs display the Auxiliary Battery voltage
* The illumination is only active when power is delivered from the Main Battery input
* A dust cover provides added durability when mounting in vulnerable locations
* The dust cover can be completely removed during installation if not required
* The simple “plastic nut” style mounting system makes installation easy
* Operating voltage 12 to 24 volts DC
* USB Fast Charge output 3.0 Amps at 5.1 volts, always powered from the Auxiliary Battery
* Mounting hole diameter 29mm
* Fits panel thicknesses up to 28mm.

Please ensure fuses are utilised as depicted in the diagram. Fuses not supplied.
The Lightforce Dual Volt Meter will fit most cig plug holes, once the cig plug has been removed. Please make sure that the hole where your cig plug goes matches the sizes of our product to ensure it fits properly.

Current Draw:
The current draw with the LED display on (no USB device connected) is 13.8mA. The current draw with the LED display off is 8mA (no USB device connected).
If the dual voltmeter is wired as per our recommendation, the LED display should only be active when the ignition is on, so the only residual current draw applicable is 8mA when the USB is not being used.