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Midland M-5

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Midland M-5
New from Midland, this model is a "one-hander," easy to hide away with all the controls in the microphone..
Multistandard to cover all EU countries, the radio will work on FM on the UK and and both AM & FM on the EU band.
The radio has dual speakers - one in the radio and another in the mic, with the option to turn the one off in the mic if not required.
Another unusual feature is the speaker/mic socket on the side of the mic. This allows you to connect an external earpiece or headset to the mic. This is standard Kenwood wiring.

Midland innovates communication with the M-5, "CB in the mike" to always have everything in your hands. The controls are placed on the mike, which also has an LCD display to see channels, bands and settings.
The extremely small size of the CB and the rugged die-cast metal structure make the M-5 virtually indestructible. The USB plug on the front of the device allows to easily charge any electrical device, as well as cell phones or tablets.
Band: Multi-Standards (8)
40 Channels AM/FM
Output Power: 4 Watt AM/FM
Die-Cast metal body
Controls on the mike
Selectable Multi-Colour Backlight (7 colours)
Manual Squelch 28 levels
Digital Squelch at 5 levels
Scan Function
Indication S-meter RX-TX
Sliding and/or Tilting Fastening Bracket
Lighter Power Supply
USB socket for charging devices
2-pin Kenwood Socket (for Microphone)