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US ActionTrax - Red

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ActionTrax - Self Recovery Track System for Snow, Sand, Mud and Silt - DuPont Nylon - Sold in pairs

Maximum Traction: The aggressive cleats on these boards maximize your tire grip and offer supreme traction on the most rugged terrains.

Whether you find yourself stuck in mud, snow, dirt, or sand, having a set of ActionTrax can make a huge difference in quickly getting a buried rig back onto the trail again. ActionTrax, a USA-made product, offers a great option if those situations ever occur. With melting points at 288 degrees C and not becoming brittle until -128 degrees C (material specs from DuPont), your ActionTrax can take a beating in any environment you throw at them. Offered with standard polymer teeth and optional metal teeth, they come in just about any color you can imagine: orange, black and tan. Other colours are available on request.


  • 112cm long x 32.4 wide x 9.5cm high - (specifications for a stacked pair(

  • 100% Made In America.

  • Improved design with input from elite military units and winning Baja 1000 racers.

  • Featuring a sawtooth end for better material clearing capabilities.

  • Quick link system to make temporary roads with whatever cording or flex-cuffs may already be in your kit.

  • Preformed drill bit alignment holes on the bottom of each tooth to allow for easy repair with our available lug repair kit, or use the hardware you have on hand when teeth burn or wear down.

  • Larger handholds for gloves and big hands.

  • Improved material composition with reinforced Nylon 6/6 and UV Stabilizer.

  • Designed to be multi-purpose and allow you to repair burnt teeth in the field.

  • All materials and labour 100% US Sourced.
  • 2 x ActionTrax